Written by Administrator on Tuesday October 6, 2020

A Poem of my experience.

Many days I


mumbled words

of defeat and depression

got lost in the stars

searching for hope

in desperation


the preacher and the pope

like a homeless dog in an ally

willing to fight


the homeless man’s burger

many times I swore

i won't use again

until the pay check came

Back on the game

weed sat on the table

next to the beer

seemed happy

but imprisoned


I pictured the end

no one at my funeral

mind clouded by trauma

rape, molestation

sure they had pity for me

but when i was homeless

they avoided me

that was the night

i thought

i was ready to end it all

but i just wanted to end the pain

so i went to the emergency room

insane is what i claimed

ready to see the earth

from the inside

They had me sit there

in this room

for hours and hours

I did my tour of duty

I was ready to end this war

I had hope something was there

I told the lady on the floor my story

in return she game me a pamphlet

names and times

dates and addresses

I look back at her

and said, give a try

I did

the story is longer

needless to say

my faith is stronger

9053 days I've been coming

again and again

learning to be my friend

until i did

others loved me

loaned me their faith

their love

their higher power


of going back to my abuser

the weed

the alcohol

the crack

the lies

the shame

I'm learned to live

instead of learning a game

i was hoping to win

but i was always losing

now each and every day

I’m choosing

the light

By Maurice "Soulfighter" Taylor

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